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Why makkah is important for muslim ?

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  • Why makkah is important for muslim ?

    In Muslim Community "MAKKAH" is the most famous and most visited place on earth. I want to know why makkah is so important place for Islam Community ? What is benefit to visit makkah ?

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    Muhammad was born and raised in Makkah and only went to Madinah when his own people forced him out because of his religious teachings. It's true that the people of Madinah were far more welcoming to him.

    But there is something important in Makkah, which is the connection to Abraham. Abraham is considered one of the most important Prophets in history, and in fact many of the subsequent prophets including Moses, Jesus and Muhammad are from his progeny. Also because he called to worshipping one God (monotheism), which was the same message Muhammad was calling to in a very polytheistic world. While in Makkah, Abraham built the Ka'bah based on instructions from God. So making Makkah the capital rekindles that connection of monotheism with Abraham.

    Finally, the real reason is that Allah made Makkah the "capital" of Islam by making Muslims face there when we pray. This is recorded in the Quran.